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At Hillcrest-Marlow Heights Civic Association, we are neighbors working together to preserve the quality of life.  Neighbors working on the Beautification Committee to the left along with our District 7 County Councilman, Rodney Streeter, are  planting shrubbery for the spring.  As residents of Hillcrest and Marlow Heights, join us as as we take pride in beautifying our community.  

October 2020 Newsletter




The Hillcrest-Marlow Heights Civic Association welcomes you to learn of us and hopefully to join us. 

We are a group of neighbors working together to preserve the quality of life in our community.

We are a community of spirited people working together in unity to engage the community at large. 

We seek to create a safe and vibrant neighborhood and we welcome you to join us. There is room for you too!

County Executive Angela Alsobrooks

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Appeal for Support and Membership Dues Payment 


An Update from Governor Larry Hogan


Creating a Better Tomorrow for the Community


Hillcrest-Marlow Heights Civic Association in Temple Hills, Maryland is empowered by volunteers who are dedicated to improving and supporting our neighborhood’s schools and seniors. Our aim is to address all concerns within the area and to achieve a great improvement within the community. We’re financed solely by membership dues, fundraising, and donations.

Objectives of HMHCA

  • Hold monthly meetings on items of community concern: community policing, abandoned properties, school and recreation activities, community clean-up, working with our elected officials and revitalization.
  • Represent the community at Prince George's County Council hearings, County School Board hearings and other meetings to convey the interest of our community.
  • Monitor the community and address issues pertaining to crime, traffic, street lighting, commercial business activity, housing developments and other activities.
  • Sponser activities to promote community awareness and unity: Annual Scholarship Program, Community Day, Youth Activities Flea Markets and Holiday Activities.

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Mission Statement

At Hillcrest-Marlow Heights Civic Association, the neighbors are working together to preserve the quality of life.

How It All Began

The Hillcrest-Marlow Heights Civic Association (HMHCA) is a Community Service organization that was established in the late 1970’s and incorporated in 1983. The Civic Association is a volunteer organization.

We desire to have a collective voice for our Community with programs to help our residents to preserve and improve the quality of life in our Community. We believe it is in our best interest to work to maintain and improve our Community, because it promotes a better environment for all in Prince George’s County.

The Civic Association is in the Transforming Neighborhood Initiatives (TNI) area of Hillcrest-Marlow Heights. The area served by HMHCA is primarily the geographic area of Hillcrest-Marlow Heights, Maryland.

HMHCA geographic area includes area bounded by: (Branch Avenue to St. Barnabas Road to Wheeler Road to Southern Avenue and back to Branch Avenue).


During the past 35 years, the Association has contributed to the enhancement of the community in the following areas:

  • Advocated for revitalization of Iverson Mall.
  • Advocated for revitalization of a deteriorated shopping center on Oxon Run Drive into the beautiful Spirit of Faith Christian Center.
  • Participated in planning and development of the Hillcrest Heights Community Center.
  • Endorsed the disposal of the abandoned Mr. Wicks Motel property on Oxon Run Drive.
  • Initiated action for planning and monitored the renovation of Benjamin Stoddert Middle School and Hillcrest Heights Elementary School.
  • Monitored the construction of the Metro Green Line to prevent or minimize unfavorable impacts on the Community.
  • Enhanced street lighting and resurfacing of area streets. Installed flower gardens and removed litter.
  • Established a dialogue and working relationship with Public Safety Officials to assist in the reduction of criminal activity.
  • Initiated a process to ensure area youths are aware of summer employment opportunities.
  • Awarded 565 scholarships totaling $888,000 to neighborhood students. 

Upcoming Events

General meetings are open to the public and are held on the third Thursday (6:45pm) of each month (September-June).

Location: Hillcrest Heights Community Center, 2300 Oxon Run Drive, Temple Hills, MD 20748

Areas We Serve

Hillcrest Heights and Marlow Heights


Our primary goal is to keep the citizens of Hillcrest-Marlow Heights safe.  Due to COVID-19, we will not meet again until further notice.  Please quarantine and stay safe.

 - Earle Gumbs, President.

Contact Information

Hillcrest-Marlow Heights Civic Association

3847 Branch Avenue Suite 102

Temple Hills, Maryland 20748

Phone: 240-723-5200 (George Hanna, Vice President)

Email: [email protected]

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